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Almost everyone concerned with traffic safety wants to keep older drivers on the highways as long as they can drive safely. Age should never be mistaken as the sole indicator of driving ability. Drivers over 55 represent a wide range of abilities, and no individual should have his or her license jeopardized solely because of age.

However, skills necessary for safe driving - vision, reflexes, flexibility, hearing - begin to deteriorate around age 55 with an even greater loss after 75. Aging drivers can adjust their driving habits to cope safely with this decline, but to do this they must recognize their limitations and unsafe practices and be aware of remedial actions.

We encourage senior drivers to explore the helpful links listed below.

Nebraska Office of Highway Safety
This link provides valuable information on programs and resources available in our state including Nebraska drivers' license laws and permits, driver evaluation and rehabilitation programs, and other topics pertaining to senior drivers.

AAA Foundation for Highway Safety
This link provides downloadable brochures for senior drivers and their family members, online tools to help point out specific weaknesses, and resources that will help senior drivers stay safe longer.