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Teacher Testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to make this happen with our students. The amount of effort they have put into this makes me so proud and we couldn't have done it without you!
-Melissa Sears, Wasmer School
(Funds used to publish students' stories.)

Teacher This award was just what we needed to get our math program rolling. It was a great way to motivate our students and have fun along the way! Thank you!
-Jodie DeSordi, Morton Middle School
(Funds used to purchase T-shirts and incentives for math students.)

We just want to say thank you for your generosity! The students LOVE the letter people. We love this program so much we want to keep adding to it.
-Chris Preble, Buffalo Hills Elementary
(Funds used to purchase Letter People Series puppets.)

We greatly appreciate the Cornhusker Motor Club Foundation's grant! It has truly made a difference in our program and the lives of all of our students! We appreciate your generosity!
-Kelly Hiatt, Fontenelle Elementary
(Funds used to purchase kits for the STEM program.)

The Foundation grant funded the purchase of an ELL Reading Corner Library for grades K-2 and 3-5. My students are enjoying the wide variety of genres and topics within the library. These resources allow my ELL students to learn language and vocabulary skills. Thank you so much for helping my students grow in their knowledge and confidence with your generous gift. I am forever thankful.
-Jessica Truex, Westside Elementary

I and my colleagues just want to express how truly happy, excited and proud we are to have been chosen. Because of the Foundation we will be able to connect kids to literature and create lasting positive effects. These books will be used for many years to come.
-Chance Waggoner, Buffalo Hills Elementary

I want to thank you for granting me this wonderful gift. This process was EASY and will make a lasting impression on my students and future students. Your company should be commended!!
-Kristine Anderson, Blair Community Schools
(Funds used to purchase math games.)

The students and staff have enjoyed the new books and activities. The process is easy to understand and complete. I want to thank the Cornhusker Motor Club Foundation for helping our education programs.
-Kathy Walker, Westside Public School
(Funds used to purchase teacher's kits designed to help improve student behavior and social skills.)

After consulting with my CAD students, we decided to offer you a token of our appreciation for the grant money we received for our 3D printer. (Business card holder) We plugged it in and got it up and running very quickly. We are pleased with it. Thank you once again.
-Stephen Johnston, Bellevue East High School

This grant provided opportunities for teachers and students that might not have been available within a district. We are very fortunate to be a recipient of the award. Our students, teachers and families will all benefit from your generosity.
-Rebecca Mathiesen, Deerfield/Blair Community Schools
(Funds used to purchase Raz-kids licenses for online reading.)

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